For Students

For Students

EPoD teaches rigorous research methods and the latest economic theory in the classroom and in the field.   

We have a number of students who work closely with EPoD affiliated faculty members during the academic year and throughout the summer on a variety of research projects.  You can check out available opportunities here.



In 2022 we are launching the Evidence Corps Internship Program. This program features an International Development workshop and connect students to global actors in international development during a summer internship.


Master’s students

Our HKS affiliated faculty teach classes in the MPP and MPA/ID programs. You can view our faculty affiliate list here and check out their bios for information on the courses they teach.

If you are interested in supporting PI work, you can reach out to your faculty member to see if they have any opportunities, or you can check out our job opportunities page here (postings include summer internships and fellowships).

EPoD is a program within the Center for International Development (CID). Students have an opportunity to get involved – information about student ambassadors and summer internship funding can be found here.


PhD Students

EPoD PhD Affiliates are Harvard students in their 3rd year or above, and have an EPoD Faculty Affiliate as their advisor.

  • We provide a number of different services to our affiliates, as well as creating opportunities to connect our community:

  • Promote their work on our website and social media

  • Provide guidance on project management (including who to contact at the IRB, how to look for funding, and working with field survey firms)

  • Host forums to share work and connect with the EPoD community through bi-weekly Lab Meetings, monthly Coffee Breaks, and more

For more information, please reach out to Eve Margolis.

Student Work

Article|October 13, 2022

Evidence Corps intern Elliott Mokski explains the need for engaging local stakeholders to ensure richer, higher-quality research.


Article|August 4, 2022

Evidence Corps intern Alexandra Diggs discusses the panels of the Evidence Sharing Seminar on youth economic inclusion in Morocco

Article|January 19, 2022

Jie Bai’s recent paper examines how to incentivize higher-quality food products in lower and middle income countries. 

Article|September 20, 2021

Research by Anders Jensen examines the modern tax system that emerges as a country's economy progresses. 

Article|December 21, 2022

EPoD's Evidence Corps connects Harvard students to global actors in international economic research. Discover how to get involved!

Article|July 31, 2020

The Municipality of Lima worked with MPAID students led by Rema Hanna to identify policy strategies for a sustainable response.

Article|May 2, 2018

Female entrepreneurs may invest in their husband's household business rather than their own.