Evidence Corps Internship Program

Evidence Corps Internship Program

EPoD is launching the Evidence Corps internship program in 2022, which will connect Harvard students to global actors in international development. The aim of the program is to build students’ capacity to use economic evidence and to provide students with a toolkit to make meaningful contributions to development projects.

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This program will help students engage in international experiences in developing countries, and to learn more about potential career paths and how to make a meaningful contribution in this field. The program activities are designed to provide a meaningful training experience and to generate interest in economic development career paths.

Activities include:

International Development Workshop

The Evidence Corps Internship Program begins with an International Development workshop. We use content from our strategic evidence-use training initiative, the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) program to provide students with an analytical toolkit for international development. The students also learn from Harvard faculty about key current issues in international development, and how we deploy the Smart Policy Design and Implementation (SPDI) research framework when working with policy actors internationally. These sessions provide an overview of key research questions for development economics and use existing research to show specific examples of how the faculty approach these questions. Students will also have a chance to meet their fellow interns, and build a cohort amongst themselves, forming a community we will cultivate throughout the internships. 

Summer Evidence Corps Internship

EPoD meets with the implementing organization prior to matching interns to understand internship needs and ensure consistent standards about the work product in advance, drafting an internship description to guide the student and help with matchmaking. Students will have a field supervisor to help them utilize the tools learned in the workshop, and connect with others in their summer internship cohort as they develop their interests and expertise in international development.  

For example, assignments for past undergraduate interns have included data analysis of the Indian Human Development Survey for a project on mobile phone ownership amongst Indian women, piloting the use of mobile sensors to measure Delhi’s air quality, and testing a data collection method for use in local health clinics. Assignments for past graduate level interns have included data scraping of online job posting data, and background research to inform the development of policy briefs used in workshops. Learn more about current and previous internships here (will include this in January). 

On-Campus Debriefing

After students return to campus in the fall, they will participate in a debrief session with the faculty and fellow interns. This serves as a bookend to their fulfilling internship experience and allowing them to reflect on and document their experience. The debrief session will also have a focus on academic and professional aspirations for the students. Evidence Corps graduates will be added and introduced virtually to the cadre of past Evidence Corps alumni, where they can use the alumni network to make contacts and seek advice in pursuit of their development career.

How to Apply: 

More information is forthcoming. Check back in January 2022.