EPoD Fellowships

EPoD Fellowships

Research Fellows Program


The EPoD Research Fellows Program is both a predoctoral educational opportunity for students and an avenue for EPoD professors to work with highly qualified individuals with a strong interest in pursuing an academic career in economics or public policy.



EPoD fellowships are geared towards researchers planning to join a PhD program after their term, and grants them a period to collaborate closely with EPoD faculty on a specific research project, and gain experience in microeconomic research methods including research design, and data collection and analysis. In addition, the program often gives participants potential opportunities to travel to developing countries and gain hands-on research experience in the field. Fellowships are 12 months in length, with a 12-month extension contingent on mutual interest and funding. Many EPoD fellows maintain their association with EPoD research throughout and after their PhD program.

Fellows become members of a tight-knit research community at EPoD and the Center for International Development (CID): they attend informal lunches and biweekly lab meetings where they discuss research, exchange best practices, and give presentations. They can also network among the broader Kennedy School community and enjoy a broad range of activities across Harvard.


The application process goes from mid-November until mid-January and the positions normally start between June and August of that year. Applicants should be graduates of undergraduate or masters programs in a related field, with significant coursework and experience in economics, statistics, public policy and international development. A master’s degree is preferred. Fellows are selected based on demonstrated interest in development economics, which often includes coursework, research projects, and past research assistant positions.

Harvard Kennedy School is committed to recruiting a highly diverse group of faculty, students, and staff. We work to ensure that our appointments and selection procedures consciously identify and evaluate people from underrepresented groups. We also actively strive to remove sources of unconscious bias. EPoD invites applications from women, minorities, and those whose background and experience will bring additional dimensions to the community.

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