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Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) aims to improve lives by generating evidence that informs more effective and sustainable policy.

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EPoD Highlights

Article|October 12, 2018

EPoD offers the Rethinking Financial Inclusion course at the Kennedy School for the fifth time on October 14-19, 2018.

News|October 1, 2018

Interested in improving your ability to assess evidence in decision-making? Click to learn more.

Video|September 4, 2018

Understanding barriers women face to travel will help to improve policies that promote women’s empowerment in Pakistan.

Article|August 13, 2018

Can smart policy reduce India's air pollution levels?

Article|September 22, 2017

Sharing information with parents can bring about a surprising range of benefits, such as improving children's learning.

Article|April 20, 2018

Allowing women in Saudi Arabia to drive will save families money, but how much? A new EPoD analysis explores the benefits.