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Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) improves lives by designing, testing and enabling better policy in developing countries.

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EPoD Highlights

Article|November 3, 2022

For La Ferrara, a development economist, helping people escape poverty means understanding the totality of their lives. 

Article|October 13, 2022

Evidence Corps intern Elliott Mokski explains the need for engaging local stakeholders to ensure richer, higher-quality research.


Article|July 15, 2022

“Leading Smart Policy Design” Executive Ed Program gives attendees tools to design and implement better policies.

Article|August 4, 2022

Evidence Corps intern Alexandra Diggs discusses the panels of the Evidence Sharing Seminar on youth economic inclusion in Morocco

Article|June 29, 2022

Join us for an interactive panel exploring different dimensions of inequality that have been highlighted over the past two years.

Article|May 5, 2022

Rema Hanna discusses the social protection programs created around the world to mitigate hardships of COVID-19.