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EPoD Highlights

Article|August 9, 2019

Social safety nets worldwide routinely come under attack by critics wielding an argument that is as misleading as it is familiar.

Article|October 9, 2019

The BCURE training sessions serve as laboratories to understand how groups collaborate on learning.

Article|October 23, 2019

The costs of pens and copy toner add up to millions of Rupees, say Adnan Qadir Khan & Michael Carlos Best.

Video|October 24, 2019

The Finance Minister and Governor of the State bank expressed optimism, and HKS experts put events in historical perspective. 

Article|July 11, 2019

The Spring Issue article features interviews with Rema Hanna, Asim I. Khwaja, and Charlotte Tuminelli. 


Understanding social norms may help improve policies that promote women’s empowerment in Pakistan.