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Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) aims to improve lives by generating evidence that informs more effective and sustainable policy.

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EPoD Highlights

Article|December 20, 2018

 The events we hosted, the videos we shot, the articles we wrote, and the articles written about our work.

Video|September 4, 2018

Understanding social norms may help improve policies that promote women’s empowerment in Pakistan.

Article|January 10, 2019

What forms of social protection are developing countries delivering to their poor citizens, and how they be optimized?

Article|December 10, 2018

Personality tests are a surprisingly effective screening tool to select less corrupt people into public service. 

News|October 31, 2018

EPoD researchers identify the leading causes of the mobile gender gap and propose directions for how to reduce it. 

News|October 1, 2018

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