EPoD Affiliate Job Market Candidates

EPoD Affiliate Job Market Candidates

As another cohort of EPoD affiliates enter the job market, we’re excited to share their job market papers.

Their research covers topics spanning the impact of granting individual property rights to indigenous communities in Chile, the effects of trade liberalization on wages, autocrat’s response to economic shocks, automation’s impact on trade, patterns in patent citation across firms, and the effect of decentralized administrations on groundwater extraction. Read more about their research below!


FirstFelipe Jordan

Felipe Jordan studies the long-term transformations ushered in by national-level enforcement of property rights in Chile’s indigenous reservations in his JMP “National courts, property rights, and the transformation of an indigenous society”. See more of his work here.  

National Courts, Property Rights, and the Transformation of an Indigenous Society Abstract

Jordan Abstract


Mayara FelixMayara Felix

What accounts for trade’s negative effects on wages in more adversely affected labor markets? In her job market paper “Trade, Labor Market Concentration, and Wages,” Mayara Felix tests one hypothesis: increased firm labor market power. Read more of her work here.

Trade, Labor Market Concentration, and Wages Abstract

Mayara Felix Abstract

Jose MoralesJose Morales-Arilla 

Why do autocrats favor their supporters? Jose Morales-Arilla argues that economic shocks induce such behavior as a strategy to limit dissent. He leverages spatial analysis methods to find consistent results for the Venezuelan blackouts of 2019 and for droughts in Sub-Saharan Africa.                                     Read more of his research here.

Autocrats in Crisis Mode: Strategic Favoritism during Economic Shocks Abstract


Jeffrey WangJeffrey Wang

Jeffrey Wang studies how adoption of industrial robots shape organization of production within US manufacturing firms in his job market paper, "Robots, Trade, and Offshoring: Perspective from US Firms". Read the full abstract below, and more of his work here.

Robots, Trade, and Offshoring: Perspective from US Firms Abstract

Jeffrey Wang Abstract

Evgenii Fadeev Evgenii Fadeev

Evgenii Fadeev shows that patent citations are highly concentrated across firms and reflect the exchange of trade secrets between business partners in his paper “Creative Construction: Knowledge Sharing in Production Networks”. Read the abstract below and more of his research here.

Creative Construction: Knowledge Sharing in Production Networks Abstract

Evgenii Fadeev

Shweta BhogaleShweta Bhogale

Shweta Bhogale studies whether decentralized administrations intensify groundwater extraction due to uninternalized externalities through budgetary allocations that affect agricultural decisions. Read the abstract below and more of her research here

Run on the Reservoir: Evidence on Administrative Competition for Groundwater in India Abstract

Shweta Abstract