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EPoD works with in-country partners to bring data and economic insights to the design and implementation of public policies and programs around the world. We conduct research with policymakers – frequently at scale – to build a direct road to impact. More »


Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE)


Under the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) program EPoD is working with the Indian Comptroller and Auditor General to improve how they conduct social audits. CAG recently published Selecting Sampling Methods by EPoD RA Sarah Oberst.  More »

Upcoming Events

Oct 13

Webinar: Who owns Big Data?

8:30am to 10:00am



Malavika JayaramFellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University; Visiting Scholar with the Surveillance and Every Day Life Group FARS Research Group, the Centre for International Security Studies and the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre, The University of Sydney

Oct 13

From LA to San Salvador: Lessons from a Gang Prevention Leader

12:00pm to 1:00pm


Room 301, Taubman building, HKS

A Discussion with Guillermo Cespedes, former Deputy Mayor of LA for Gang Reduction and Youth Development Few are in better position to talk about gangs than Guillermo Cespedes, who has spent his life working with socially and economically marginalized communities both inside and outside the US. In LA, he ran the pioneering GRYD anti-gang program, leading to a 38% reduction in gang crime over five years. He works now in Central America, where gang crime has spiraled out of control.


Smart Policy Design 

Our Teaching

EPoD faculty build capacity for Smart Policy Design & Implementation and teach the analytical skills necessary for data-driven and evidence-informed policy through Harvard executive education and advanced-degree programs, and in-country policy dialogues and workshops.  More »


Institutional Corruption and Election Fraud

Michael Calen Michael Callen investigates the relationship between political networks, weak institutions, and election fraud in Afghanistan in his new article in the American Economic Review. Go to the article »

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Our 5 favorite links of the week

United Nations releases first draft of climate change agreement for December's conference in Paris. UNFCCC Newsroom
New group emerges from the UN’s goal-setting meeting: Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data 
China plans to go beyond carbon trading in market-based environmental regulation. The Economist
Indian city’s first “Car-Free Tuesday” may have caused a drop in air pollution. Times of India
Better measures of empowerment needed for financial inclusion research. MasterCard Inclusion Hub


Asim Khwaja on EPoD

On helping practitioners and policymakers create better policies. Harvard Kennedy School. Go to the article »

More News

Designing Active Labor Market Policies in Southern PunjabPunjab Economic Opportunities Program, Sept, 2015.
Why Some Policy Experts Question Clinton’s Plan to Contain Drug CostsThe Upshot - The New York Times, Sept 22, 2015.

Angela Ambroz

Angela Ambroz

Angela Ambroz is the Senior Research and Training Manager. She's involved in both internal and external trainings (such as EPoD's Executive Education courses and BCURE trainings), as well as data visualization and analytics work for India and Pakistan. She is passionate about scuba diving and coding, speaks Italian and Hindi, and joins EPoD after two years in Tanzania, where she conducted data analysis for a regional civil society organization.  Learn more about the EPoD team »