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Our affiliates are engaged with public and private in-country partners to design and test policies that improve the lives of the poor. more >

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Smart Policy Design
Approaching Policy Formulation & Implementation as a Design Challenge
EPoD Smart Policy Design

Identify pressing policy problems
Diagnose underlying causes
Design feasible policy solutions based on theory & evidence
Implement and Test solutions with rigorous evaluation
Refine solutions with continuous monitoring & feedback



Students' Work Ethic Affected By Peer Groups, Desire To Be Popular

Students' Work Ethic Affected By Peer Groups, Desire To Be Popular

April 16, 2015

By Shankar Vedantam - NPR

There's new research that shows that students desperately want to fit in with their peers. And if their peers are not motivated, this can affect the academic choices that students make... Leonardo Bursztyn at UCLA and Robert Jensen at the Wharton School, went into four low-income LA schools and offered 11th grade students access to free SAT prep courses.

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