Trainings on Evidence Use: Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence

Trainings on Evidence Use: Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence


The Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) program empowers policymakers and civil servants with the knowledge and motivation to generate, use, and communicate data and evidence for more effective policymaking.

The BCURE curriculum, which was developed by Professor Dan Levy and other pedagogy experts at HKS, relies on a blended-learning approach (digital and in-class training)  specifically developed for civil servants, government officials, and other policy actors. 



Our content consists of digital modules and in-class sessions. Content covered in BCURE digital modules and in-class sessions includes topics relevant to policy decision-making: descriptive evidence, data systems, aggregating and commissioning evidence, cost-benefit analyses, impact evaluations, and systematic approaches to policy decisions.

Under the blended-learning approach, training participants first complete short (~90 minute) interactive digital units. The units capture individual responses, allowing instructors to use the participants’ learner data to customize accompanying live sessions. 

This data-driven teaching approach is accompanied by case studies based on local examples, allowing learners to practice applying key concepts to real world policy problems.



The BCURE program trains civil servants and policy actors at all levels of their career and across all sectors including tax, finance, health, and education). While getting buy-in from high level decision makers is key for building a culture of evidence use and other strategic initiatives, building the skills of on-the-ground implementers is also crucial for embedding data and evidence into all steps of the policy process.  


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