Unmarried Parenthood and Redistributive Politics

Pande, Rohini; Edlund, Lena; Haider, Laila (2005)


Pande, Rohini, Lena Edlund, and Laila Haider. 2005. “Unmarried Parenthood And Redistributive Politics”. Journal Of European Economic Association March 2005 3 (1): 95-119.
Political survey data for nine West European countries show that women have become increasingly left-wing compared to men, and that this trend is positively correlated with the rise of non-marriage in these countries.This pattern is mirrored in German longitudinal data (GSOEP), where transitions out of marriage make women, but not men, significantly more left-leaning. Analysis of public spending data for high-income OECD countries (1980-1998) suggests that the political impact of non-marriage extends to the allocation of State resources with increases in non-marriage first reducing and then increasing State redistribution towards children.