The Effects of "Girl-Friendly Schools": Evidence from the BRIGHT School Construction Program in Burkina Faso

Levy, Dan; Kazianga, Harounan; Linden, Leigh; Sloan, Matt (2013)


Levy, Dan, Harounan Kazianga, Leigh Linden, and Matt Sloan. 2013. “The Effects Of "Girl-Friendly Schools": Evidence From The Bright School Construction Program In Burkina Faso”. American Economic Journal Of Applied Economics 5 (3): 41-62.
We evaluate a 'girl-friendly' primary school program in Burkina Faso using a regression discontinuity design. After 2.5 years, the program increased enrollment by 19 percentage points and increased test scores by 0.41 standard deviations. For those caused to attend school, scores increased by 2.2 standard deviations. Girls' enrollment increased by 5 percentage points more than boys' enrollment, but they experienced the same increase in test scores as boys. The unique characteristics of the schools are responsible for increasing enrollment by 13 percentage points and test scores by 0.35 standard deviations. They account for the entire difference in the treatment effects by gender.