Policy Research Engagements

Our research-policy engagements form the core of EPoD activities. We practice Smart Policy Design in engagements across our six areas of focus:

| Environment | Financial Inclusion | Education | Democratic Participation | HealthState Capacity |

The impetus for a research-policy engagement often comes from an organization or government ministry in a low-income country approaching EPoD with a particular policy problem. Engagements can develop over a period of years and involve that in-country policy partner, as well as one of our partnering research organizations.

Together, we seek to define the particular policy problem, identify its underlying factors, and design a solution. We then send that policy design through a cycle of evaluation, monitoring, and redesign, using the latest methods from economics research. EPoD often works with government partners at scale – rather than testing interventions on a small sample – which gives our work a unique and immediate relevance. There is less of a need to conjecture about scalability or “pitch” our projects to governments, since that work is already an integral part of the research-policy engagement.