Rema Hanna

Rema Hanna

Rema Hanna

Faculty Director, Evidence for Policy Design
Jeffrey Cheah Professor of South-East Asia Studies, Harvard Kennedy School
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Hanna, Rema; Alatas, Vivi; Banerjee, Abhijit; Olken, Benjamin; Purnamasari, Ririn; Wai-Poi, Matthew (2016)
The Journal of Political Economy
Hanna, Rema; Bertrand, Marianne; Djankov, Simeon; Mullainathan, Sendhil (2008)
Economic and Political Weekly


Article|June 11, 2020

Rema Hanna on the urgency of social protection policies in addressing economic impacts of COVID-19 in fragile states.

Article|May 20, 2020

Fuel subsidies are politically impossible to abandon—but with oil prices at historic lows, this problem has disappeared.  

Article|April 17, 2020

What can the government do to protect the vulnerable middle class in Indonesia during the COVID19 pandemic?

Article|April 15, 2020

Expanding social protection to reach vulnerable people quickly must be a pillar of every country’s COVID-19 strategy. 

Article|March 25, 2020

Read more about the economic impacts of COVID-19 and the resulting effects for developing countries.

Article|August 9, 2019

Social safety nets worldwide routinely come under attack by critics wielding an argument that is as misleading as it is familiar.

Article|December 10, 2018

Personality tests are a surprisingly effective screening tool to select less corrupt people into public service. 

Article|July 30, 2018

New research from EPoD studies dishonesty and the pull toward government jobs in India.