Preston Pero

Preston Pero

Preston Pero

Faculty & Program Assistant
Person Description

Preston Pero is a Faculty and Program Assistant at Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), supporting Professor Jie Bai and Professor Anders Jensen. He also supports Director Katy Doyle and the rest of the EPoD core staff, providing administrative, financial, and logistical support for a variety of faculty activities and sponsored research portfolios.

Prior to joining the Harvard Kennedy School, Preston worked in marketing and sales across multiple industries including financial services, international education, and SaaS/ tech. Beyond Harvard, he works as a Producer and Technical Director for multiple educational theatre companies in the Greater Boston Area, collaborating with professional designers and overseeing full-scale theatrical productions. Preston holds a BS in Marketing from Providence College with an additional concentration in economics.

Contact Information:

John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

Office: Littauer, L-301

79 John F. Kennedy Street

Box 30

Cambridge, MA 02138-5801
(617) 998-2600