Lucy Page


Lucy Page

Former Research Fellow
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Lucy Page was a Research Fellow working with Professor Rohini Pande since 2016 working on environmental projects related to clearances and air quality and more recently Rohini’s book project. She is now pursuing a PhD in Economics at MIT. Lucy is interested in the intersection of environmental and development economics, particularly in the economic impacts of climate change. At EPoD, she studied environmental regulation in India and reconstruction of housing following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Prior to joining EPoD, she consulted with the EPA and World Bank on climate change economics while at Industrial Economics, Inc., studied wildlife management in Mongolia, and wrote a senior thesis on the impacts of temperature on the rate of occupational accidents in the US. Lucy holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Williams College.


Article|March 14, 2019

Global aid risks neglecting hundreds of millions in poverty who live in countries that are becoming relatively rich.