Landin Smith

Landin Smith

Landin Smith

Former Research Fellow
Person Description

Landin Smith was a Research Fellow working with Asim Khwaja on projects relating to Education and Governance in Pakistan. He is now pursuing a PhD in Economics at UC Berkeley. Landin played a key role in pushing the state authority project ahead while at EPoD, helping finalize the paper with the PIs and developing the next phase of the project with new partners in mind. In addition, he has examined take-up of financial products at low cost private schools in Pakistan as part of the education project. Prior to joining EPoD, he worked as a Research Specialist at the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project at Princeton, where he was involved in a number of projects dealing with the intersection of development and conflict. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Mississippi, and a Master’s in International and Development Economics from Yale University.


Article|September 27, 2017

Organised qurbani meat donations can put a dent in malnourishment.