Anca Balietti

Anca Balietti

Anca Balietti

Former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Person Description

Anca Balietti was a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow with Professor Rohini Pande from 2016 to 2018. She completed her Bachelor studies in Banking and Finance at the University of Bucharest, Romania. In 2010, she graduated from the Masters of Science in Financial Engineering and Risk Management at HEC Lausanne, Switzerland. Anca obtained her PhD from the University of Zurich, where her research focused on the economics of climate change mitigation. Her research interests are environmental and resource economics, market failures, real options, and development economics.


News|April 13, 2018

Promoters of safer cookstoves have struggled to find the perfect balance of efficiency, price, and a user-friendly design that would drive widespread adoption.

News|September 17, 2017

Worldwide, as many as 4.3 million people die each year due to indoor air pollution.