Virtual Teaching Tips


Virtual Teaching Tips

Optimizing virtual learning in tricky times

Across the globe, institutions are scrambling to move operations online in light of the COVID-19 crisis. How do we deliver engaging teaching and training in a suddenly online-only environment? EPoD’s Faculty Director of Training, Teddy Svoronos, is at the forefront of HKS and EPoD’s efforts to maximize learning in digital settings. Explore the digital teaching approaches that Teddy uses to create immersive online learning experiences. EPoD continues to leverage our experience with remote research and teaching to pursue a goal of evidence-informed policies for citizens around the world – a mission more relevant than ever in the months to come.

Now more than ever, the world needs policies that are informed by evidence. Through our virtual capacity building and remote research, EPoD remains committed to promoting evidence-based policies that benefit the lives of citizens around the world, particularly poor and vulnerable populations. In a time when international travel is uncertain, we are leveraging our relationships with universities and researchers around the world, building local capacity to provide real-time information to the government. 

Pictures of Remote Training Setup for Teddy Svoronos

While the need for virtual trainings and meetings precedes the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a sudden and critical need to move education to an online-only setting in an effective and inclusive way. This shift poses a new set of challenges and adaptations that we are collectively encountering. However, it also provides opportunities for innovation across education (in K-12 classrooms, university teaching, civil service education, and more). Virtual classes increase the potential for data-driven teaching, easier access for students across geographies, a reduced carbon footprint for international learning, and - though it may seem surprising - rich, interactive learning experiences.

EPoD’s Faculty Director of Training, Teddy Svoronos, has spent the last several years piloting different approaches to pedagogy. A pivotal contributor to EPoD’s blended learning model, MPP teaching at the Kennedy School, and the Public Leadership Credential digital courses at HKS, Teddy is now a leader in the shift to virtual teaching.


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