Summer Capacity Building Intern, EPoD


Estimated effort: 

Flexible: 8-10 weeks, full time or part time, between June-August 2021 

Who We Are: 
Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), housed within the Center for International Development, is a dynamic research initiative that brings analytical insights, typically from economics, to the design and implementation of public policies and programs around the world. EPoD directly engages with governments and local organizations to identify key questions, design innovative new policies or interventions, and test these using the tools of economics and data analysis, including large field-based experiments. 


EPoD’s capacity building team works with collaborators worldwide to train policy actors in using data and evidence in their decision-making. Working closely with EPoD staff members, this position will support a wide range of capacity building activities. These may include: 

  • Drafting and editing material for use in teaching civil servants, drawing on knowledge of statistics, economics, and learning design. 

  • Supporting the development of new training assessment projects by contributing to survey design, research management, and stakeholder management. 

  • Conducting interviews and meetings to support case exercise development. 

  • Conducting analysis of data from the classroom, learner feedback, and/or training assessments. 

  • Direct support for virtual training courses and training research interventions. These could be delivered virtually in India, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Morocco, among others.  

  • Contributing to fundraising in the form of proposal scoping and development. 

  • Supporting exploration and design of data extraction and visualization options. 



  • Required: 

  • Strong attention to detail  

  • Strong organization and notetaking skills  

  • Experience with stakeholder management 

  • Interest in working with/in support of adult learners in a policy setting 

  • Experience with teaching and education (including work as a TA/CA) 

  • Demonstrated commitment to valuing diversity and contributing to an inclusive working and learning environment  

  • Not required, but nice to have: 

  • Experience using Canvas and/or Open edX platforms 

  • General experience with quantitative research 

  • French-language proficiency 

  • Skills in R, Python, Stata, Javascript, or webapp development for data visualization (using Flask/D3 or similar combination) 

This position is unpaid, however, there are opportunities for HKS and Harvard students to apply for funding. We will begin reviewing applications on a rolling basis. Applicants are strongly advised to apply for HKS funding, through HIDIF and other sources. Internship stipends may be offered but this is not guaranteed. We can talk about funding opportunity during the interview process. 

How to Apply: 

Send an email to following these instructions: 

  • In the subject line put “Capacity Building Intern – ” followed by your first and last name (e.g “Capacity Building Intern – Jane Doe”) 

Attach the following materials: 

  • One-page cover letter describing your qualifications for the position and your availability  

  • CV/Resume 

  • Writing sample – 2 pages, ideally demonstrating a policy analysis or brief/memo or a teaching note