Making Microfinance More Effective

Making Microfinance More Effective

October 5, 2016

Traditional microcredit hasn’t lived up to expectations, but we are learning how to improve it. The Grameen model of microfinance gained a great deal of attention in the international development field after early data showed that it was associated with high repayment and low default. This model makes small loans, usually to women, without requiring collateral. However,  Read more about Making Microfinance More Effective

EPoD Professor Rohini Pande profiled by Harvard Magazine

Harvard Magazine You become interested in things you’ve seen a lot of, says Rohini Pande; for her—growing up in India—issues of poverty and gender were “first-order.” The Kamal professor of public policy witnessed protests demanding more women political candidates during her studies at Delhi University; they triggered questions about representation and inequality that still dominate her work. She uses economic approaches to study Read more about EPoD Professor Rohini Pande profiled by Harvard Magazine