Second Year Policy Analysis Seminar





Instructors: Ishac Diwan, Rema Hanna, Michael Walton
Faculty Assistants: Michael Weinbeck (Diwan), Trudi Bostian (Hanna), Lisa MacPhee (Walton)

This is a required second-year paper for students in the MPA/ID program, aimed at integrating course work through the application of analytic tools to a policy and institutional problem. The goal is to produce recommendations for policymakers that are technically rigorous, practical, and politically relevant.

Students will work with seminar leaders and faculty advisers to conceptualize policy and institutional problems for a client. Some students establish a real relationship with a client, but this is not required, as the focus is on defining and analyzing an important issue that is amenable to the range of techniques developed in course work. This is not a consultancy exercise. Students develop a conceptual and empirical strategy, and undertake a mix of technical, political, and implementation-related analysis in the process of preparation of a draft and final report. There is also substantial emphasis on effective presentation, in both the writing and oral presentations. 

This course is required for second-year MPA/ID students, is being taught during both Spring and Fall 2014 semesters and is not open to non-MPA/ID students.

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  • Th 4:10 - 6:00
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