Policy Analysis





Instructors: Dan Levy, Laura Diaz Anadon

This module gives students training and practice in the skills of applied policy analysis. It will equip them to define problems systematically, and to select and apply analytical tools, in the service of better policy decisions. Put differently, and more briefly, it aims to inculcate the characteristic MPP habit of mind.

Two related conceptual themes underpin the course. The first is the architecture of alignment among mission, capacity, and support. The second is the structured identification and processing of options, generally in the absence of perfect or complete information.

These two themes provide the conceptual structure into which many specific analytic tools can be slotted as the challenges of a particular policy arena require. The module features a mix of case discussions, short lectures, and electronic tutorials accessed outside of class time. In addition, students -- working both individually and in groups -- will apply the tools of policy analysis to real-world, real-time policy issues of their choosing. Throughout the module there will be opportunities to practice, and to get feedback on, policy-relevant communication.Open to MPP1 students only. Open to MPP1 students only.

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  • M / W  2:40 - 4:00
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