Empirical Methods II





Instructors: Joshua Goodman, Rema Hanna, Daniel Shoag
Faculty Assistants: Trudi Bostian (Hanna)

The purpose of this course is to equip you with the tools necessary to tackle issues that involve the empirical analysis of public policy problems of the sort you might encounter in a professional environment. Specifically, the course introduces you to the use of multiple regression analysis and program evaluation for analyzing data in the social sciences. The emphasis is on empirical applications.

The course is designed with twin objectives in mind. The first is to provide you with the ability to analyze critically the empirical analysis done by others at a level sufficient to make intelligent decisions about how to use that analysis in the design of public policy. The second is to provide you with the skills necessary to perform empirical policy analysis on your own, or to participate on a team involved in such an empirical analysis. An important segment of the course focuses on program evaluation. This includes both the design and analysis of experiments that aim at measuring policy effectiveness and the use of non-experimental methods to evaluate policy effectiveness.