BCURE in Morocco: Training the next generation of policymakers

BCURE in Morocco: Training the next generation of policymakers

As part of our work under the Morocco Employment Lab, EPoD Training supports Moroccan university faculty in teaching our Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) curriculum. The BCURE program has reached over 8,000 policy actors globally.

Since 2021, Moroccan faculty alumni of our Training of Trainers program have taught BCURE content to over 500 students and policy practitioners in Morocco. Our most recent local deployment occurred at Université Moulay Ismaïl in Meknès on December 15th. Professors Abdelfettah Hamadi and Amina El Asri taught the BCURE session on Descriptive Evidence to 45 students studying in the Economic and Social Studies Research Laboratory.  

One male and one female Moroccan professor stand in front of a presentation screen in a classroom. The screen has text in French that translates to "Descriptive Evidence: Becoming an Effective Consumer of Descriptive Evidence."

Professors Abdelfettah Hamadi and Amina El Asri of UMI Meknès.

As with our BCURE programs in other countries, BCURE trainings in Morocco aim to empower policymakers and civil servants with knowledge and motivation to generate, use, and communicate data and evidence for more effective policymaking. Working with students at Université Moulay Ismaïl and other Moroccan universities gives us the unique opportunity to train the next generation of policy actors in Morocco.

...[the training was] rich in information and explanations, I was very satisfied at the level of the concrete examples at the level of the graphs as well as the debate which was created between the students within the class.

-- Nouhaila Maarouf, student in UMI's Sustainable Development Master's program


One female and two male professors looking at the camera.

UMI professors observe the 2nd training session.

To hear more about BCURE trainings in Morocco from an instructor’s perspective, watch this video of Professor Mariam Liouaeddine, Professor and Deputy Director of the Economic Sciences & Public Policy Laboratory at Université Ibn Tofail.