Additional Activities in Capacity Building: Pilot Projects

Additional Activities in Capacity Building: Pilot Projects


Pilot studies and projects take a learning-by-doing approach to capacity building. Pilots help field-test innovative ideas and help researchers and practitioners develop large-scale research engagements that generate key evidence. These projects give researchers a deeper institutional understanding of programs, and allow them to try out the logistics of high-risk but high-return innovations that can then be tested at a larger scale.

Content & Audience:

Pilot projects bring together policy/program teams and researchers to facilitate collaborative and active learning while demonstrating the practical value of data and evidence for policy decisions. In accordance with a demand-driven approach to evidence-based policy, content is dependent on the research or policy objective projects have helped answer questions across varied policy areas, including environment, health, human capital investment, tax collection, auditing delivery of government services, crime prevention and social protection programs.

Sample Pilot Projects:

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Data transparency in India's flagship social protection program

Mapping crime for targeted policing in Sargodha, Pakistan

Improving industrial monitoring to cut air pollution in India

Motivating public servant performance in Punjab, Pakistan

Optimizing skills training programs in South Asia

Insights on methodology for India's governmental auditors

Increasing property tax collection efficiency with interactive web-based data visualization technology