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EPoD Highlights

Article|May 20, 2020

Fuel subsidies are politically impossible to abandon—but with oil prices at historic lows, this problem has disappeared.  

Article|May 16, 2020

Prolonged closures without innovative alternatives will hurt the vulnerable, exacerbating existing inequalities.

Article|April 15, 2020

Expanding social protection to reach vulnerable people quickly must be a pillar of every country’s COVID-19 strategy. 

Article|March 25, 2020

Read more about the economic impacts of COVID-19 and the resulting effects for developing countries.

News|March 24, 2020

EPoD remains committed to promoting evidence-based policies & teaching practices around the world.

Video|March 19, 2020

Listen to EPoD faculty describe how our capacity building work helps promote evidence-based policymaking worldwide.