Policy Dialogues

An exciting new area of EPoD activity is our Policy Dialogues. Each of these in-country events focuses on a pressing policy challenge and gathers a broad set of actors that shape policy discourses and influence decisions – including politicians, government officials and senior bureaucrats as well as representatives of the private sector, civil society, military, media and academia.

Unlike traditional conferences, Policy Dialogues do not simply consist of panels of academics presenting their research. Rather, they are problem-focused forums for debate, frequently using breakout sessions where groups are assigned to work through specific issues. They focus on consensus-building and match-making for future policy research engagements, incorporating insights from negotiation methodologies and facilitating partnerships.

In addition to contributing to a broader culture of evidence, each Policy Dialogue produces specific outputs suited to the topic and task at hand.

These can include:

Using the body of research evidence, Dialogues can serve to identify areas in need of further exploration, both for the purposes of local application and global understanding.
Typically in small break-out sessions, policymakers and researchers work to determine the key areas for policy reform and plan new engagements to tackle these challenges.
of reform
Either through broad consensus statements with all participants of the Dialogue or smaller break-out groups, we prioritize establishing clearly defined and mutually agreed upon next steps of action.

Policy Dialogues make up an important component of EPoD’s Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) program– one of the four main activity areas. Visit our BCURE page for the most up-to-date information on recent and upcoming Policy Dialogues.