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Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at Harvard Kennedy School works to improve citizen wellbeing around the world by designing and enabling better policy. We conduct research with policymakers – frequently at scale – to build a direct road to impact. More »


Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE)

On March 7th, EPoD held a gender dialogue in Delhi called Shrinking Shakti. In collaboration with ThePrint and IFMR LEAD as part of the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence program (BCURE), the dialogue featured panelists from both the public and private sectors of Indian and international organizations. More »


Smart Policy Design

We equip students and policymakers from around the world with skills to develop effective systems for incorporating data and evidence into policy design. EPoD is becoming a hub of innovative pedagogy, using digital methods to deliver the tools and insights of economic research to a new generation of leaders and building capacity for real-world impact. More »


Children in a Warming World

Rema Hanna's article on the likely implications of climate change on children in developing countries was just published in Future of Children, a collaboration between Princeton's Wilson School and the Brookings Institute. Go to the article »


Polio vs the smartphone

Could an app give Pakistan the push it needs to be polio-free? Callen et al investigate. More »

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