Training Executives

EPoD affiliates provide a range of training opportunities targeted to the needs of policymakers and executives, teaching skills for using evidence in the design of public policies and programs. Our trainings seek to empower decision makers with the tools they need to be critical consumers of evidence—knowing what questions to ask, when and where to seek data, and how to weigh the merits and disadvantages of different methods. We see this not only as a chance to impart our methods to policymakers from around the world, but also as a forum for collaboration, an occasion to gain new country-specific insights into the issues we study, and an opportunity to bring new individuals and organizations into our global research-policy network.

Executive Education

At the Harvard Kennedy School, EPoD faculty offer several week-long Executive Education courses:

  • Rethinking Financial Inclusion: Smart Design for Policy and Practice explores frontier issues in finance for the poor, combining an evidence-based approach to understanding the market for finance and client needs with theoretical insights on how to design financial products to meet those needs.
  • Using Evidence to Improve Social Program Effectiveness is designed to help managers lead their organizations to develop and implement more effective social programs. The program addresses challenges that managers face in identifying useful strategies for assessing and improving social program impact, including generating evidence, gauging reliability and validity, collecting and using data, and applying evidence.
  • Shaping Healthcare Delivery Policy: Understanding the Challenges, Managing the Change explores current challenges and opportunities in the US healthcare system, and provides insights into the trends that are shaping the future of American healthcare policy and delivery. 

Online Training

EPoD is also harnessing the tools of online education to develop scalable learning tools for policymakers. For example, as part of the Building Capacity to Use Research Evidence (BCURE) project, EPoD, in partnership with the Strengthening Learning and Teaching Excellence (SLATE) program at the Kennedy School, is designing a series of online interactive units aimed at imparting practical skills and strategies for effectively consuming evidence.

Custom Designed Policy Courses

We also occasionally develop custom courses for policy partners. Contact Deanna Ford for further information.

Additional training opportunities are provided by our partners: