April 2014

EPoD Professor Rohini Pande profiled by Harvard Magazine

Harvard Magazine You become interested in things you’ve seen a lot of, says Rohini Pande; for her—growing up in India—issues of poverty and gender were “first-order.” The Kamal professor of public policy witnessed protests demanding more women political candidates during her studies at Delhi University; they triggered questions about representation and inequality that still dominate her work.

EPoD Launches New Website

Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at the Center for International Development at Harvard University is launching an upgraded version of their website over the next month, please return often to stay tuned to new features and content related to Smart Policy Design.

HKS Researchers Assist With Public Data Portal In India

By V. McIntyre, freelance writer
Recent advances in technology and storage capacity have led to the creation of huge datasets that could potentially serve as solid foundations for evidence-based, intelligently designed public policy. However, much of this data sits in storage. For data to be useful it must be accessible – researchers and policymakers must be able to search the data easily based on specific indicators. How can government ministries initiate the creation of such interfaces?